New Ideas Emerge for Magazines

A simple name change illustrates the awareness of professionals across the industry to the changes the media business is undergoing. On October 1, the organization previously known as the Magazine Publishers of America announced that it was changing its name and tagline. The organization is now The Association of Magazine Media.

“Magazine brands are undergoing an exciting transformation,” In an article by Jason Fell, Nina Link, MPA president and CEO said, “A new name, tagline and logo [reflect] the dynamic changes in our business.”

The MPA is not just changing its name, but also its overall business agenda and goals. “In defining our business as magazine media we are […] promoting magazine brands and their unique relationships with consumers,” said John Q. Griffin, president of National Geographic Publishing Group.

This idea is what will set companies apart in the ongoing transformation of the industry. As technology revolutionizes how readers get the news. Historically, magazines present more specific, often leisurely options, to readers in comparison to the breaking news found in newspapers or on television.

As magazines digitalize and a slew of information becomes available, it is the recognizable, trusted brands that often survive the best. “Some content is no longer relevant in a magazine format. We should be talking ‘brands’,” said Robin Domeniconi, chief brand officer of Elle.

As long as magazines continue to adapt and explore new avenues, historically trusted brands will remain, though they may look different. “Magazines will life forever,” said Josh Quittner, editor for Time, Inc. “There is a great need for that.”


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